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Birdofthegalaxy’s Flickr page is outstanding.

It’s chock full of really awesome Star Trek photos of just…well, every aspect of Star Trek.

Who is Birdofthegalaxy, you ask.  Well, check out their Flickr bio:

I am a very long time Star Trek fan. I bought a lot of film clips (in this context single frame 35mm movie positives) in the early Lincoln Enterprises and Star Trek convention days and have again recently added to the collection through on line auctions and networking. This flickr site is my way to share images that are rare or special in some way for the fans of Star Trek TOS. The majority of the images are digital scans and restorations from original film frames I personally possess in my collection, a few are my restored digital images from photos, computer files, or film clips I have borrowed or been sent.
Much has been written about the impact of Star Trek on science, entertainment, and our culture in general. There is not a lot of space for “new” perspectives on this amazing history. However, the advent of digital scanners and great restoration tools like photoshop make it possible to view these discarded production images in a quality that likely surpasses what the original buyers saw from our old slide projectors. So, for all fellow fans of Star Trek, television production techniques of the 1960s, or science fiction history here are some of my favorite images. Enjoy!

So without futher adieu…here are some sweet images!

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  1. were can i find any photo stills of deleted kissing in star trek a private little war?

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