Grimm Fairy Tales – The Animated Series


So, you’ve all seen these comics on the shelf at comic stores or at comic conventions.  Heck, I know that I have.  But outside of the awesome artwork (that vaugly remind me of J. Scott Campbell’s style), this comic has a ton of interesting history behind it, and no I don’t just mean fairy tale history.

But before we go gung-ho into why this series is awesome, and why you need to keep reading this post…let me catch all of you who aren’t familiar with it up to speed.

Grimm Fairy Tales is an ongoing horror/fantasy comic book series by ZenescopeEntertainment that started publication in 2005.  The series presentsreinventions of classic fairy tales with modern twists and expanded plots. Thestory revolves around Sela Mathers, a Professor of Literature who has beengiven the ability to drastically affect people’s lives by teaching themmorality lessons through fairy tales.

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 So by now you’re asking yourself, “Wait, with art like this, and this wicked premise, why have I not been reading this?”  That’s a valid question, and I wish I had an answer for you.

Well fret no more my friends, because I’ve got a few cool announcements regarding the series right here.

First order of business -  If you haven’t been reading the series, now is a great time to start!  Grimm is releasing it’s 75th issue!  This is big time stuff because Grimm is the longest running, independant, color comic to date.  If you aren’t impressed by this feat, you should be.

So let’s get to the even more cool stuff, and how you can be a part of the Zenescope family, and help Grimm take its series to the next level.

Zenescope Entertainment is working with Titmouse Studios to bring you, the Grimm fans, an animated series based off of the popular comic!

Swing over and check out the Kickstarter page and video now.

Does the name Titmouse sound familiar to you?  It should.  Ever watch shows like Venture Bros and Metalocalypse?

Oh, did I also mention that Lena Heady was just brought onto the project to voice the main character Sela?

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Now that you are all impressed, and you’re all tellimg me to shut up and take your money, get over to the Kickstarter page and join the Zenescope Army and let’s make this happen folks!


For all of you attending C2E2 like myself, be sure to swing by the Zenescope panel on Saturday!

ZenescopeEntertainment will be speaking more about this project and more upcomingprojects in our panel “Expand – a – Brand” at C2E2 onSaturday, at 5:15pm in room N426a.

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