Doctor Who Cosplay


It’s that time of year, the snow is falling (at least in Chicago), the air is crisp, and the general goodness of people is shining through.

Ok well it is cold at least.

Some people say that the best part of the entire year is Christmas.  Not only because of Santa, presents, cookies, and so on, but because of the TV.  Christmas specials are everywhere, on every channel.  They all boast B-rate stars and horrible plots too!

I mean who doesn’t want to see Mario Lopez as a dog?  Santa….PAWS!  Genius!

You thought I made it up didn’t you.

Seriously though, through all the shit that the TV stations put out this season, there is one special you do not want to miss…the Doctor Who special.

This years is called A Christmas Carol, and airs on BBC America on Christmas Day. This is huge because this is the exact same time as it airs in the UK…this has never happened before people!

So to get you all warm and fuzzy for the Doctor Who event of the year, I’m going to warm things up with a little cosplay.

Now I’ve been scolded twice today for not attending the Chicago TARDIS event.  But it was Thanksgiving weekend people, c’mon!  I did have a friend go and he said it was awesome, they had Daleks roaming the hall, a K-9 and a full on TARDIS!

These two ladies were at Chicago TARDIS.  Now I really have to go next year.

But as we all know, I love conventions.  I also love cosplay.  So here are some pictures of Doctor Who cosplay that have happened.  Stay tuned tomorrow for another Doctor Who post!


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  1. GAH!!!
    What is wrong with me? Why can’t I like this show???
    The cosplay chicks are so hot!

    • I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again Junk. YOU WOULD LOVE THIS SHOW!

      Just put the latest season in your Netflix que and work your way backwards. Each season gives new viewers the room to get on board, but there’s also a HUGE history behind everything that they focus on every now and then. It’s the best of both worlds!

      WATCH IT.

  2. I agree with Doc Oz. You could totally like this show Junk. Start with the new series, the Matt Smith Doctor and then work back to Tennant. The stories, creatures, character arcs are phenomenal and just boat loads of fun.

    The fact that this show has been around since the early 60s doesn’t hurt either when talking about history and canon.

  3. …. maybe.
    When I have a day off I will have to watch at least one of the new ones.

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