It’s Convention Season!


It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

No, not Christmas…Convention….mas.

Ok, so that got away from me a little bit, but no matter how you phrase it, this is the time for you to dust off your geek flag and let it fly high.

“What are we going to do this convention season?” you’re asking yourself.

“The same thing we do every convention season….TRYING TO BUY ALL THE THINGS!”

We’ve got a great convention lineup for your this year…with TWO brand spanking new conventions we are attending.  Guess what?  I’m going to sweeten this deal even more.  Those two bonus conventions…are out of state!

Ok, ok, calm down a bit everyone.  I know you’re hearts are racing, and you just spit coffee all over your monitor.  So let’s ease into all this new news, and start with the classics.


Yes, the first convention of the year, and one of the best we’ve been to in the Chicago area by far ramps up again April 13-15.

If you missed it last year take a few seconds to click the links below and check out our coverage of the convention.

Blog Review

C2E2 YouTube Videos

Now this one is downtown at McCormick Place, so if you’re going to attend be sure to alot travel time.

Outside of the main consumer reasons to attend this convention…what are the big reasons to go?

  • Extreme artist alley.  C2E2′s artist alley is jam packed full of amazing popular and up and coming artists.
  • Awesome variety for panels.
  • Speed dating

Purchase your tickets now!



Just a few short weeks after C2E2, April 25-29, while you’re still ramped up in full on geek mode, break out your foreign fandom with Acen!  This convention is hosted out in Rosemont, IL and boasts some of the most intricate and outrageous cosplay we’ve ever seen!  On top of that, you will get to meet some of the coolest, most genuine people on the planet, and possibly walk away with a whole messload of new friends.

Didn’t see our coverage from last year?  For shame.  Chatchup now!

Blog Coverage

ACEN YouTube Videos

Purchase your tickets now! 



Sci-Fi Expo:

Where: Irving Convention Center, TX

When: May 19-20

Why: This is Stan Lee’s official convention!  It’s been around since 1994, and has had some amazing celebrities appear and meet the public.

What about this year?

Well this year is no exception!  Stan Lee (naturally) will be in attendance, along with famous faces of the sci-fi world such as…

  • Adam West
  • Burt Ward
  • Patrick Stewart
  • Val Kilmer
  • The (almost) Complete Cast of Firefly
  • Elisha Dushku
  • Jeremy Bulloch
  • Peter Mayhew

and so many more!

This convention will also be the first one My Remote Radio covers with One-Sheet and Doc Oz!  It’s sure to be a great time.

If you’re in the Irving area, you should definitely pick up your tickets early and come meet us!

Purchase your tickets here!

Gen Con

The best four days in gaming is what it boasts, and the best four days in gaming is what I imagine it will deliver!

One-Sheet will be making the trek back to his homestead, Indiana, to attend this convention, and bring back new and amazing games for MRR.

This will be My Remote Radio’s first attendance at Gen Con, and I know that we are going to have a great time, and possibly meet some IL fans!

Purchase your tickets here!


So sound off in the comments!  Are you going to be hitting any conventions this year?

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  1. Junk

    This is not only awesome coverage and super fucking exciting that MRR will be at these cons, but this is be far one of my favorite posts on this site. It was concise, to the point, well worded, funny, and just damn flat out fucking great! Dude, I can not wait to see your coverage of these amazing cons!

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