Did Phillip K. Dick Discover the REAL Matrix?


During his life, Phillip K. Dick produced a staggering amount of work. Stories just seemed to pour out of his imagination and were unlike anything that has come before.

How could one man’s imagination produce such viciously original worlds? Well towards the end of his life, he started to believe that he hadn’t made them up at all. But that they were actually REAL.

Five years before his untimely death, Philip started having mystical experiences that affected his everyday life. What these experiences were he never disclosed. But they lead him to start wondering if what he had imagined for his stories was real and if life was just an illusion or the creation of each person’s subjectivity.

PKD also did a TON of drugs during his life, and had a naturally paranoid personality. But…maybe he was paranoid for a reason. Check out the clip from the press conference where he made this announcement below, and decide for yourself.

YouTube Preview Image


Phillip K. Dick Documentary

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