Geek Art Is Awesome!

Jude-Buffum-You-Say-Yes- is a website you’ve probably never heard of, but is one you should be visiting as much as possible.  They have posted artwork people do of some of the coolest movies and shows from our childhood.  From superheroes to The Goonies and Ghostbusters, they have it all.

Just recently they launched their “second season” of the site. Their opening post was from an art show in LA called 3g.  All the art prints on display were from three classic movies.  The Goonies, Ghostbusters, and Gremlins (you see where the 3g comes into play).

All these prints are available for purchase on the Gallery 1988 website.   I’ve selected just a few of my favorites, so swing over to Geek Art and Gallery 1988 for the rest and to make your purchases!

Jude Buffum – Last Call

Jude Buffum – You Say Yes

Kim Herbst – Light Bright, Light Bright

Kim Herbst – When Someone Asks If You’re A God…

Kim Herbst – We’ll All B Flat

Tom Whalen – Ghost Trap Quick Start Guide

Tom Whalen – Mogwai Warnings

Tom Whalen – The Inventions Of Data

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