God Bless America Trailer


I am blessed with the friends I have.  Most of them know me well enough to send along a trailer that they know I will love.  And this is it.

YouTube Preview Image

Suffice to say, I will be supporting this movie.  I am mostly hoping that it isn’t a morality tale and something along the lines of Cecil B Demented, which is one of my favorite films in the anti-hero category.  I am hoping to add this along side Cecil and Series 7.


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  1. Andrew

    Oh. My. GOD!!!!!!

    I’m in full support of this movie!

  2. Toilet

    Oh Junk… you and your love of righteous indingnation…

  3. Junk

    Yeah, right of us in the ignition…It’s too early to remember words.

  4. fatguy

    I want to have this movies baby

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