Ready? Set? Halloween Boo-Zinga 2010!!!


It’s the most wonderful time of the year. With the kids jingle belling and everyone telling you “Be of good…” (record scratch)

Oh screw Christmas, it’s Halloween!!

There we go. Much better.

Well, almost Halloween. Technically we still have thirty days till arguably the best time of the  year comes around once again.

Candy apples, black cats, spider-webs, fake blooood. I mean is there really any doubt that this is the greatest holiday humanity has even conjured up? I think not. So we here at MRR are going to celebrate this occassion by counting down our favorite, some of which forgotten, things of this holiday.

We’re dubbing it…the “MRR Halloween Boo-zinga 2010!” Why boo-zinga? Well because Halloween Countdown was already taken, and we’re all huge “Big Bang Theory” fans. So…HALLOWEEN BOO-ZINGA it is!

Know it. Love it. Be afraidddd of it!

So this is how this whole thing is going to work. We’ll still be posting all the wonderful random things that you’ll usually find here. But we’re ALSO going to be doing one special Halloween-centric post a day (minus the weekends)! And when I say special I mean they’re going to be big and GREAT posts. I’m covering Nostalgic stuff, One-Sheet is covering the history side of things, Junk is going to write about the great Halloween films & television, and Jess will be joining us to write about candy! There’s something for everyone!

Though be warned: Words like spooky will be used frequently. But if you think you can stand such horrors then we invite all you to join us over the next month. And share with us, as we share with you, what your favorite things about Halloween are!

It’s going to be a lot of fun, but this is also important work people, let’s just face it. For us who grew up in the ’80′s, we saw the slow demise of this demented night. Now a days elementary schools hold “Halloween Parties”, where they safely take kids from classroom to classroom to collect healthy peanut free treats…DURING THE DAY. Screw that! If there’s one holiday that shouldn’t be safe and nutritionally balanced it’s Halloween!

In our day, sure a few kids died. Each year I always heard a new story about some kid a few towns over who got murdered, poisoned, or whatever by some demented murderer. But those deaths were the sacrifice that the  Halloween Gods demanded in exchange for making Halloween awesome! So that’s what we’re going to celebrate.

Ok, maybe I should clarify. We’re not going to celebrate the murdering of children. But rather we’re just going to make sure that those kids didn’t die in vein. So to start that mission off on the right foot, I’m going to talk about a spooky book series through and through. One which I just got done re-reading, 16 years later.


I’m talking of course about R.L. Stein’s immortal…Goosebumps!

So come back this Monday, when the festivities will officially kick off! We’re also welcoming a couple new MRR site sponsors for the month of October, both of which are giving really killer deals to our listeners and readers! Just use the special code when making your purchases to save a ton of cash and get some great stuff at the same time!

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In the meantime when you’re not doing us a favor and shopping online at one of our sponsors, tell us about something YOU love about Halloween? And share your story in the comments below! If we get a few that we like we’ll feature your story in a future Halloween post!

“Reader beware, you’re in for a scare….”

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