#5 of 13 Beers of Halloween – “Shiner Oktoberfest”


One of the things that I really like about drinking beer is how not only seasonal they are, but also regional. It adds to the rarity and the thrill of when you get to try a beer that you just couldn’t find any other place. Shiner is one of those beers. Texas brewed, Texas proud.

Shiner can only really be found in the central part of the United States, and most obviously in and around Texas. So you east and west coasters still have something to fight about.

It’s a pretty average, but nice looking, Marzen style beer Oktoberfest. Which really is the most important thing with this style of beer in my opinion. It pours in a very clear copper with a small head, but it makes up for it with it’s nice looking lacing.

The smell you’ll get pretty immediately if of the toasty and husky malt. And the taste is pretty basic too, very middle of the road. No crazy hops here. Which is good for this style, but doesn’t really challenge your palette very much.

Like I’ve said before in the past 4 beers of Halloween, I really prefer a big dark beer with lots of dense flavors. This is not one of those types of beers but overall I enjoyed it. It’s a very decent beer, great for the season, and very good for a drunken Oktoberfest anyway. Which is exactly what these kind of beers are brewed for!

So if you’re in a state that carries Shiner, try out their Oktoberfest. I think you’ll like it. I know Fred and Beetlejuice sure did!

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  1. One-Sheet

    I love these action figures posing with the beer. So cool.

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