Happy Veterans Day.


And fry them.  And eat them.  Then eat some more.  Mmmm, chicken.

Blue Oyster Cult album covers have gotten weird.

And sex in a car i nthe holding level after drawing her naked, like his French girls.

Is that Val Kilmer and Gandhi?

Early DC Comic artists are the “enemy”?

HOLY SHIT!  America has Mechs!

…before he starts throwing barrels are you and you have to hit them with a hammer.

…and talking.  Lots and lots of talking.

Defeat those Nazis with GynoSyphaLytis.  New from Mattel.

…or as a sanitary napkin.  It’s just uncomfortable.

YAY!  Chaos!

… not to-morrow.

Yeah, fatties.

Who’s gonna win this war?  Lung Cancer’s gonna win!

Stay at home, where’ it’s safe.  In the kitchen.  Making me a sammitch.

Please, for the love of god.  Stop the wild invasion of giants.  Where’s Jack when you need him?

Shhh.  Don’t tell anyone.  It’ll be our little secret.


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  1. Dedicated to my father and my best friend. Happy Veterans Day.

  2. Dave Osterkamp

    Wow, these were outstanding..wonder what the current cast of idiot politicians would think of these being used today.

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