Honest Trailers

If this hasn’t been posted on here before, then we definitely dropped the ball. Because every single one of these videos is fucking awesome.

YouTube Preview Image

“The greatest game of human plinko.”

YouTube Preview Image

“Because George Lucas has to shit somewhere.”

YouTube Preview Image

“He might actually fuck her to death.”


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  1. Junk

    Dude! Great find on these! I am splitting my sides here. “based on a book for girls who are too stupid to get The Hunger Games”

    Hmmm. Hungry Gamers… why has no one done this yet?

  2. Junk

    OK, found it on Youtube, let me reword my question:
    Why has no one done Hungry Gamers well?

  3. One-Sheet

    ho-ly SHIT! Wow, those were fucking awesome.

    Reminds me of this video on lightsaber safety.

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