Mighty Morphin – Oh Shiiiiii


So Netflix has really lost some big pionts lately in my book.  The raised prices of their plans, and now this stupid fucking Qwickster announcement…they are destroying what was perfection for a while.

However I have been really pumped because I saw lately they totally put up some shows that appeal to my badass nostolgia of childhood TV shows, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.

Let me explain my love affair of this show to you.

This show came out when I was in 3rd grade, and it came under very harsh scrutiny for it’s use of violence against mythical creatures.  This made kids want it more, toy stores were ransacked, and it became impossible for a kid whose parents both worked to get any sort of toy before they were sold out.

This made me want it more.  It was the forbidden fruit, each toy becoming a holy grail for young fanboys…and then I thought my day in the sun came.

Fox Kids was doing a drawing called Green Ranger Mania.  If you sent in your name and address on a postcard they would draw a winner for some super-duper power rangers prize pack…but here was the best part.  EVEN IF YOU DIDN’T WIN YOU STILL GOT A GREEN RANGER DAGGER!

Holy shit, I can’t lose!  EVERYONE gets a dagger!  Fox Kids wouldn’t lie…or would it.

I waited weeks for that fucking thing, months…YEARS…always keeping the hope that one day my green ranger dagger would find its way over to me so I could call up my faithful dinozord and battle evil.

Fucking Fox Kids, it’s been almost 20 years, and I still haven’t seen that goddamn dagger.

I also used to tape record every single episode of the show and act out the karate and dinozord call signs in my living room.  My family thought I was crazy…well I mean they still think that, but it all kinda stemmed from this show I think.

This show played a huge role in my childhood I think right up until Star Wars entered my life, and going back and rewatching these episodes is so much fun for me.

OK so let’s get to the meat of this post.  As I was watching an episode the other day (Episode 1-11 “For Whom The Bell Trolls”) Trini’s doll, Mr. Ticklesneezer, came to life and started collecting everything in sight…INCLUDING POWER RANGERS!  Oh no!  The Power Rangers had to stop this act before it collected everything in sight, so they called on the power of Megazord to fight the now giant Mr. Ticklesneezer.

Take a look at the pic below and tell me what you see that’s a little odd about this battle.

Did you catch it?  Here let me help…

Yup, that kid there has put himself in harms way during the middle of a giant battle!  I mean, these battles have swords and all that stuff, they are dangerous…and he is about to learn that.


Haha!  Who is this kid?!

Update  – Found this other pic of him.

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