Movies Where They Same The Name Of The Movie In The Movie


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If you’re anything like me, you have a fridge full of Dr Pepper, pretzel M&Ms on your desk next to a copy of the original, untampered with Star Wars on DVD ripped from a Japanese laser disc ready to put it while you work all as you write up on your blog/podcast site.  If you’re only similar to me, you play this little game while watching movies, and let’s admit, at this point it’s completely subliminal (I don’t even realize I do it anymore).  During the movie, if they say the name of the movie in the movie you yell out “ding!”  While at home, this is fun and exciting to see where and when you can find the title.  In the theater people tend to look at your with rude, squished up faces that makes me want to stab them with a wine bottle cork screw.

Regardless, it’s fun to play, alone or with friends, much like drinking.  So needless to say, while watching the above SuperCut, I had the inclination to yell out “ding” after each title was uttered… my tongue now hurts.

Suffice to say, again, this act of saying the movie’s title in the movie is a pretty shitty thing to do.  It’s like the makers of the film couldn’t possibly come up with a name that was even remotely suitable for the film that wasn’t in the fucking dialogue of the god damn movie.  It’s a cheap thing to do.  This is why we play the Ding Game, similar to why I honk my horn in my truck and shoot the bird at people who turn with out a turn signal – perhaps they don’t know that they are assholes, perhaps I am doing them a service by letting them know.  You’re welcome, asshole.

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