Mystery Of The Falling Man


Growing up, one of my favorite authors of the bizarre was Ray Bradbury.  He wrote stories that seemed too outrageous to ever take place.  One of my favorites was a story called Kaleidoscope.  It revolved around a man falling through the atmosphere of  Earth, and the people on the ground watching made wishes on his burning body, thinking he was a falling star.

Seriously, how awesome is that?

Well this story brought back that memory of that story, and it’s just as bizarre.

In New Jersey on Sept 16, several people said they saw someone falling from the sky, headfirst.  The person supposedly fell into a grove of trees, but nobody can find any trace of him having landed.  The only evidence they have are a few eyewitness accounts and the sighting of a small Cessna airplane nearby.  It is unsure if the person lept from the plane.


Several people in New Jersey claimed they saw a person falling from the sky with no parachute, but an extensive police search has turned up no evidence, NBC Philadelphia reported.

Witness Kelly Hale and two of her co-workers at Shore Veterinarians in Egg Harbor Township said they watched from their office windows as a human fell head-first from the sky on Tuesday.

But there were no reports of missing skydivers.

“I [saw] the guy falling, at an angle, like this,” Hale told NBC Philadelphia while gesturing. “Straight down. No parachute. No paraglider.”

Authorities were still investigating the incident, Egg Harbor police told on Thursday.

“We’re not actively out there searching, but we’re waiting for more information,” said police Sgt. Robert Gray. He could not comment on the ongoing investigation.

Several people contacted Egg Harbor Township Police at about 3:20 p.m. Tuesday, saying that they watched a person free-falling from the sky. The witnesses described the person as falling head first, at a slight angle, toward the ground, police said.

“You could see the arms and legs flailing and his clothes were blue, a dark blue like a navy, black and gray,” Hale said. “There’s no doubt that it was a person. We’re 100 percent sure.”

The witnesses also told NBC Philadelphia they saw a small plane flying nearby right after they saw the person plunging to the ground.

Egg Harbor Township police and aviation units of the Coast Guard and New Jersey State Police extensively searched the heavily wooded area until about 11 a.m. Wednesday. The search will remain suspended until further information becomes available, police said.

“We didn’t see any signs of debris, we didn’t see any broken branches of something like, falling through the tree-line,” Coast Guard Lt. Commander Paul Whitmore said. “We didn’t see anything out of the ordinary, but that’s not to say it didn’t happen.”

Hale, for one, is convinced of what she saw. “They need to find him,” she said. “I mean, there’s somebody lying back there.”

How weird is this?  If the person had jumped from the small plane, then there had to be someone else flying, or it would have crashed.  If the person jumped off a building, I doubt they would have survived the fall and a body would be recovered.  There is absolutely no trace of this falling person.  None.

I’ve researched in the past about the Montauk Project. Now these two states are pretty close together, and Montauk did experiment with teleportation in the past.  Could this be another test of that power?

I’m not sure what to believe here…but it makes you wonder.


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