Polish Movie Posters Are…Unconventional?


Movie posters are critical to the viewing experience I think.  In a way, they can quickly show you what type of movie you are going to see pretty much just by the color palate.  They let us know in a glace what is playing at the theaters, and for some of us they even sell us on a movie we were hesitant on viewing in the first place.

So how the hell does Poland go see movies at all?  I mean I don’t know of many Polish films to begin with, aside from With Fire and Sword.  After getting an eyeful of movies that I personally love, I just think Poland must be so discouraged by films that they just don’t even care to participate in the genre anymore.

I’ve got a few Polish film posters of movies we all love, and you tell me how the hell they relate to the movie in just about any way.

Granted, they are cool as hell and I want them all to hang up in my apartment.

No idea why he is turning into a cat

This is for Alien.  Yes, Ridley Scott’s Alien.

This is Blade Runner.  I think Poland hates Ridley Scott films.

Gremlins…Wait, What?

The Omen, okay this kinda makes sense, though I could have done without the wiener.

Raiders of the Lost Ark…sigh. I don’t know why there is a snake under a hanger either.

The Exorcist…

The Fly

This Shining poster is really badass though. So..go Poland on this one.

And back to WTF? This is for fucking WEEKEND AT BERNIES!  Tell me how this one works…PLEASE!  I mean did people walk into this thinking it would be about shadow puppets or severed hands or something?


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  1. DUDE! I love these. I remember another one, I think it was Russian, but it was for Star Wars, it had a cowboy made up of gadgets and kitchen ware riding a horse in space. Brilliant.

    If that didnit work, click on this

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