Standing Up For Your Words


The Local Trib has reported that a 32-year old Glen Ellyn, IL man, Michael Yarbrough, was fired from his job this week after punching his ex-boss.  You can read the whole article in the link, but the gist is – Michael returned to work after a 2 month stint with a broken leg, was told to “SHUT UP” after being told how poorly his work was on his first day back, brought into the back office and scolded more.

He replied with what any of us would have said – “You’re lucky we’re on the clock.”  His female boss said, “What are you going to do? Hit a girl?”  He said what we all want to say, “yes.”  He was promptly fired, and did what EVERY PERSON READING THIS wants to do.  He punched her in head and then socked his other boss in the face before walking out.

While I can’t speak for everyone on the MRR writing staff, I personally would like to stand up and say “WAY TO GO, MICHAEL!”  You have enough conviction to do what we all need to start doing.  Not the specific act of punching someone or even attacking someone… it’s the retribution that is deserved that is what is needed in this country.  There aren’t enough people standing up for what they believe in and what they believe is right and just.

We live amongst people who bitch and complain and bitch and whine and bitch and do nothing more than just take it.  Gas prices are high?  We bitch.  We do NOTHING.  Government steals money form us, eliminates OUR social security, and tells us they’ll allow us to have some money from it when it’s rightfully ours to begin with?  We bitch.  We do NOTHING.  Someone tells you off to your face and fires you for speaking your mind?  We bitch.  One man stands up and does the right thing.  He doesn’t do it in the middle of the store with customers, he does it behind closed doors, just like  our politicians.

My only complaint is he should have hit them harder.

Morale of the story?  Don’t treat people like shit, you won’t get punched in the face.


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  1. Mike hater

    This story sounds incomplete. I’m sure there were more events leading up to her telling him to shut up. He did hit her until he got fired the next by the General Manager. After being fired he stormed back to the are that his for boss worked and he charged at her as he threw his hot coffee in her face and then began to brutally attack her. Then as he was being escorted off the premises he turn around and sucker punched his former General Manager in the face. I read all this info from an other article. So if his wife says something he doesn’t like then it would be ok for him to attack her? I DON’T THINK SO!! He sounds like a real lowlife piece of S**t! Does he hit his kids too? I hope he gets the max sentence!

  2. Junk this is a great post and really poses a great ethical question to our readers.
    I’m sure as everyone knows on this show, I’m the impartial one. I’ve always tried to never burn bridges in the employment world, no matter how much I hate someone.

    That being said, I think this guy, and of course the recent events of the Jet Blue dude are awesome to read about…but in actuality the consequences to these actions don’t outweigh the short term benefits.

    Sure this dude finally got the final “fuck you”, but on the same note, he probably put himself in a world of hurt with court costs, horrible recommendations for future employment (which is something nobody needs right now in this economy), and also just took himself out of the running to claim unemployment.

    Long story short, even though he got to tell them to fuck off…he’s fucked worse. This is definitely not how I would have handled this situation, but again, I’m the impartial one.

  3. Junk

    Well said, One-Sheet. I love the juxtaposition this is causing in comments. Agreeing with you, Mike, it’s not a good thing (the actual violence of it), and agreeing with you, One-Sheet, I wouldn’t do this either. I’m just happy someone did.

    Then again, I am anxiously awaiting a national riot or crumbling of government. Thomas Jefferson said it best “periodic revolution ever 25 years” necessary to remove the excesses, corruption, violation of rights, etc. that accumulate in government. “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.”

    Friends and foes, we are over 200 years over due.
    Don’t get me wrong. I love what the country is, what it was founded on, what the Constitution preaches and exemplifies. But just like Immortal Technique said, “I love the place that I live, but I hate the people in charge.”

  4. Inception post just. went. deeper.

  5. I like turtles. :)

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