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Coming from a Star Wars nerd, I have to say this is one of the happiest and saddest days of my fandom.  First off, HELL FLIPPING YEAH, the Star Wars Blu-Ray has not only be verified and announced, but has it up for Pre Order as of this morning.  It is available in 3 different sets:

The Original Trilogy (3 Films, 3 Discs) – $45 pre order, $70 SRP

The Fucking Stupid Trilogy (3 Films, 3 Discs) – $45 pre order, $70 SRP

The Whole Shebang (6 Films, 9 Discs) – $90 pre order, $140 SRP

Ok, why anyone in their right mind would buy the Fucking Stupid Trilogy by itself is beyond me.  And I do believe that is now the correct name for the prequels. Let’s see what the set comes with….. hm…. the three prequel films, whoops, that’s enough to pass by it.  So, without hesitation we will not be discussing the prequel trilogy, because, let’s face it, no one gives a shit.

The Original Trilogy will be released September 2011, just like the other two sets, and come with 3 discs, each holding it’s own movie.  Now, these are the remasters, special edition versions, sadly.  I would imagine if Lucas wanted to win back some fans he would introduce two different sets of the Original Trilogy: one being the remade, special editions, and the other being the originals with all those wonderful little fucks ups and, I know it’s WAAAAAY over said, but Han shooting first.  But alas, Lucas doesn’t want fans to be happy, he wants money, sadly.  But I’m not complaining, if I want to rock the originals they way they were meant to be seen, all I have to do is boot up my laser disc player and rock these bad boys!

Is it sad or awesome that you can tell it’s my desk because of the 2 Boba Fett USB flash drives, the World of Warcraft mouse and the can of Dr Pepper?  I’m going with awesome.  Yeah.  Just like the next Blu Ray set.

The final Blu Ray set is the “complete saga,” although I am heavily doubting this collection will contain everything I would label as a set to be a “complete saga.”  Although, the alluring enticement of a 9 disc set leads me to believe that there is going to be some fucking awesome stuff on those 3 bonus material discs.  They are promising “never-before-seen deleted scenes and alternate scenes” and more.  Is it retarded of me to want the Holiday Special on there too? That would make it a complete thing for me.  And an episode of Droids.  Maybe scratch that last one out.

I told One-Sheet about it this morning, saying “there is no single disc releases, only trilogy sets.”  He said in return, “Balls.  I really don’t want to rebuy.  That’s one of my blu-ray personal rules.”  And I have to 100% agree with him.  I think I only have 3 movies that I have both on DVD and Blu-Ray (Fight Club, Resivour Dogs, and Seven Samurai).   But who the fuck could turn down a Kurosawa on Blu-Ray?  However, even with this mindset in place,those 3 discs of bonus materials and the chance to see the original 3 films in HD has me having no trouble dropping the $80 for the set I original bought the Blu-Ray player for.  Bring it on.


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  1. Andrew

    I’ve been thinking about this since we spoke this morning Junk,and I have to say, if I was going to rebuy, it would be the complete saga.

    Yes, I know next year Lucas will release another edition of the films with the original, untouched, VHS transfer, so I could wait longer. But it really isn’t worth it, I still have my VHS tapes I got in 4th grade to enjoy.

    Also, if there is one thing I want on these Star Wars discs is more documentaries. I just love the docs on the original Star Wars films, those can keep me glued to the screen for hours. I would also like to see the amazing short film “George Lucas in Love”, but we both know that won’t happen.

    I think that we all have our own definitions for the word “complete”. Junk you want the Xmas special, I’m sure there is someone who wants the Ewoke films included. That’s just the problem with a vast franchise as Star Wars, you’ll never have a “complete” anything all in one box.

  2. THE EWOKS FILMS!!!! Gasp! That’s right. Why do I always forget about those. Those should be in the collection without a doubt. Shite.

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