The Shining 2?? Yep.


Man oh man, do I want to hear what you think about this story One-Sheet!

Stephen King is apparently working on a follow up book to his 70′s masterpiece called Dr. Sleep that will explore what happened to Danny after the Shining. Sounds awesome right? Well wait a minute. The story of what happened to Danny goes hand in hand with some left turn about psychic vampires called “The Tribe”.


My doubts aside though, it’s clear that if anyone can polish a turd of an idea into a diamond…it’s Stephen fucking King. Christine anyone?

Video below…

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  1. Andrew


    Stephen, Stephen, Stephen. I shake my head at you, as well as my fist. Don’t pull a Lucas on us now!

    I am going to be taping a new Literary Wasteland on Thursday and this will definietly be brought up…but here is what I have to say in compressed form.

    The Shining as a novel, not that great. So a sequel is not needed.
    That’s right, the movie is WAY better than the book. The book is actualy rather droll (just watch the Mick Garris mini-series, it’s probably the most faithful adaptation of book to film I’ve ever seen). It’s just dreadful. All the best stuff that everyone remembers was in the movie. Like the twins. They are NOT featured in the book. Only mentioned when Jack talks with Grady in the bathroom. Never seen, never tormenting Danny, only MENTIONED in the book.

    So add that to your bullshit meter when talking with people about the book, that’ll help you determine who has and has not read it.

  2. "Doc Oz"


    “Hereeeeee’s Mittens!”

  3. ^^^
    Above = FUcking Fantastic!

    Andrew…I totally agree with what your saying but i think it comes to a temporal point of view. Everyone i know who read the book first seems to like the book better and vice versa.
    I dont necessarily think this is a sequel i think it just happens to revolve around Danny as a character. Kinda like how all of his other characters drift in and out of his other books (desperation, dark tower etc).
    The only thing that REALLY bothers me is that its called the Tribe….wasnt that what the sequel to the Lost boys was called?

  4. Junk

    And Jon brings up a valid point, Lost Boys 2 The Tribe was awful.

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