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Thank you to our Halloween listeners!


Thanks to all our listeners to sending in all the photos of you on Halloween.

Goodbye Halloween 2011!


Well it’s over.

Halloween has come and gone. And just like a werewolf after a full-moon blood bath…the site has officially been turned back to normal.

The Best Jack O’Lanterns


These are a bunch of my favorite Jack O’Lanterns from around the webs.

R/C Zombie!!


Man this is starting to turn into Zombie Friday. First an awesome make-up how to and now a crawling lawn Zombie!

Who Are The Black Eyed Kids


Need A Costume? Be A Zombie.


Sure “The Walking Dead” might make you roll your eyes when it comes to the story lately. But the Zombies never fail to satisfy.

So if you still are looking for a costume for the weekend why not let the master, Greg Nicotero, give you some tips on how to do your zombie makeup this Halloween!

Tina, If You Really Love Me, You’ll Let Me Eat Your Brains


Halloween McNugget Buddies


Halloween is so close that I can almost taste it. And oddly enough, it tastes exactly like McDonald’s Halloween McNugget Buddies.

Your Halloween Decorations Suck


…watch this and cringe at how much you are not worthy. I want to see this guy’s Xmas lights.



An answer to Doc Oz’s post.

A Few Of This Year’s BEST Haunted Attractions (Top 5)


You know, I don’t really get if it’s just because we were paying attention this year or if it’s always like this, but haunted houses across the country are REALLY bringing their “A” game this Halloween!

Why My Parents Were So Bad Ass

Vader Costume

My parents were so BA for not only letting me be Vader as a kid for Halloween, but helped make the costume with me… including the snow gloves from Venture.

Now Use That Blood And Make Some GORE!


Found on Reddit…where else!

Evil Dead Blood Recipe


Don’t worry, I’m not going to just leave you with just a picture of Disney cartoons dressed as horror characters when we’re this close to Halloween! Nope. I’ve got something else for you today.

Disney Horror Icons


One more week everyone! Let’s start it off right…