MRR #23 – Blue Balls



Worlds collide when One-Sheet and Junk get to talking on this very special Friday the 13th episode of My Remote Radio!  This week Junk talks Scott Pilgrim and the duo discuss some of their favorite 8-bit video games, and One-Sheet gets pumped for comic con.  Also, find out why Junk has been looking for blue balls.

Hosts: One-Sheet (@andrewmarcec), Junk (@junkfilm / @filmmunkey)


MRR posts we talked about…

Scott Pilgrim Trailer Via The Comics:

Everyone knows by now that Scott Pilgrim is going to destroy faces like faces have never been destroyed before.  Everyone knows that this is going to be a huge step for comic-book movies, just like Road to Perdition was.  In short, it’s gonna fucking rock socks.  So why have so few people read the damn comics?

Scott Pilgrim the movie…

GO FUCKING SEE IT NOW!  What?  You’re working?  Weak.  Go.  NOW.  Go see the fucking movie.  NOWWWW.  Why are you still sitting there.  Go buy 4 tickets for yourself for the weekend.  One for today. One for Saturday.  One for Sunday. And finally one more for when you are finished building your time machine so you can go back and watch it again.

Darth Vader Banned Says Lucas

George Lucas is an Asshole

Scott Pilgrim Does The Weather


Alright that’s it for this episode everyone! Tune in again next week when Doc Oz returns and One-Sheet talks Comic Con!

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