MRR #20 – Bow Ties Are Cool…And So Is Scotch



We’reee baccckkkkk and it’s a full moon. What does this mean?!

Well in this episode of My Remote Radio, Doc Oz drinks scotch and shamelessly plugs the new Looney Tunes short “Coyote Falls” that he worked on. One-Sheet talks about the time he lived with Indians. And they both gush about the coolness of the Tron and The Walking Dead booths at the San Diego Comic Con. All while at the same time hinting at something very cool involving beards happening in just two, count ‘em two, weeks!

Hosts: Doc Oz , One-Sheet (@andrewmarcec)


MRR posts we talked about…

Now THAT’S a booth babe. How sick is that?!@

Walk-ing Dead! Walk-ing Dead!

Wow, ok this should be like 8 posts on it’s own, but I’m going to just give you a zombie overload…and you’re going to love it.  Loads of stuff has been being released about the Walking Dead in the past few weeks.

Looney Tunes “Coyote Falls” Clip!

I hope you don’t mind if we take a break for a second from your usual geektastic coverage to talk about something that I’m insanely proud to have been apart of.

Cartoonbrew just released an exclusive 25 second clip of the first of three all new Looney Tunes Wile E Coyote and Road Runner shorts that my wife Jess (@jmorri26) and I have been working on for the past 5 months at Reel FX Creative Studios! It’s called “Coyote Falls” and I can’t tell you how proud we are to say that we were on the team who worked on this.


Doc Oz’s “In ‘n Out Burger Clones”

These were seriously epic on our tastebuds


Featured Music

Cheetah Whores – Bang Bang Baby!

Album features the bad ass SyFy single “Sharktopus”



Alright that’s it for this episode everyone!

We’re taking next weekend off from recording but we’ll be back in two weeks for a VERY special episode where One-Sheet and I will actually…wait for it…record in the same room! Minds will be blown for sure.

But until then remember, My Remote Radio is nothing without the comments from great readers and listeners like you. So if you have something to add, or if you’d like to suggest something for us to talk about on a future episode, please use either the comment section below or simply record your comments and send it as an MP3 attachment to!

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