MRR #11 – Girl You Know It’s True



On this episode of “My Remote Radio”, Doc Oz welcomes back One-Sheet, and they talk about the “Best 80′s Alien” Poll, the Stalking Demonic Deville clown, Joss Whedon helming “The Avengers”, and a whole lot more! All of which is brought to you by our good friends at!

Hosts: Doc Oz , One-Sheet (@andrewmarcec)

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Blog Posts We Talked About…

Elephant in the Room

Avengers Movie News.

Hire an Evil Clown to Stalk Your Kids Today!

Seriously, tell me this isn’t the most effed up post of your day.

Who’s the Superior 80′s Alien?

It’s Tuesday night, and you have no idea what that means. So let me clue ya in…

It’s the Tuesday night Poll! (What else do you have to do anyways?)


This weeks music was…

In honor of Milli Vanilli’s immortal opus “Girl You Know It’s True”, we mixed in a bunch of other random songs with “Girl” in the title.

(Click Here to Download the available iMix songs on iTunes)

Here’s the complete list below…

  1. Milli Vanilli – Girl You Know It’s True
  2. The Lonely Island – Dreamgirl (featuring Norah Jones)
  3. Edwyn Collins – A Girl Like You (Empire Records Soundtrack)
  4. Hayes Carll – Girl Downtown
  5. Phoenix – Girlfriend
  6. The Beatles – Girl
  7. Girl, You Have No Faith In Medicine – The White Stripes
  8. Fell In Love With a Girl – The White Stripes
  9. Dirty Girl – The Eels
  10. Testing the Girl – Elmar Bernstein “Ghostbusters Soundtrack”
  11. London Girl – The Pogues
  12. Brown Eyed Girl – Jackson Brown


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  1. Leane

    Very amusing podcast! The only downside is that there is no notice about how long the podcast is and it was a bit longer than I thought it was going to be. I advise posting this info in the description or something.

    I enjoyed the bit about ALF being the ultimate 80s alien. I don’t remember when I stopped watching it either. I had no idea it ended like it did.

  2. Thanks for the comment Leane, and I’m glad you enjoyed the episode! Great suggestion btw. We’ve been playing around with adding the duration of the show for a while now, so your comment just clinched it! You’ll find the length of each episode now below the player.

    And just for future reference, each episode of MRR typically will be around an hour long. But it’s worth sitting and listening to us ramble, I promise! ha.

    Thanks again, and welcome to the community!

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