JunkCast 94 – Movie 14 of the 26 Films of Cinematic Separation



_____________Movies Reviewed_____________

Blind Fury / Rise of the Planet of the Apes / Age of Stupid / Strictly Background / Thor

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_____________Music Break_____________

“Zombies in your front lawn” by Laura Shigihara

“Halloween rap” by JibJab

_____________Movies News_____________

Steve Jobs dead / Arrested Development / Mr Ed / Universal Soldier / Skyfall / Mel Brooks / Dexter Season 6 episode 1 / Bridget Jones 3 / Simpsons last season? / Statham in Fast & Furious / Leonard Nimoy / VS.

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_____________Movies You Might Have Missed_____________

A Very Long Engagement

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The Dresden Files

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Trick R’ Treat

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_____________Producer’s Question of the Week_____________

What was a movie that scared the piss out of you as a kid, but when you watch it now you laugh?

(email me your answers and Guess The Next Movie to TheJunkCast @ gmail)


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  1. "Doc Oz"

    God your podcast is great man. Seriously…a little TOO good. You aren’t “juicing” are you? I think we need to get JunkCast tested.

    Btw…”Trick R Treat”! Hell ya man! That’s been a staple on our Halloween viewing list for a couple years now and each time it’s a great flick.

    Also, “What was the movie that scared me as a kid?…” Ghoulies. I was scared to poop for years after I saw that VHS cover.

  2. Howard the duck scared me as a kid! Specifically the scene where Lydias dad (Dr. Jenning) is in the truck with Lorraine (Beverly) and the aliens tentacle comes out of his mouth and waves around the air in the truck. I always had to run out of the room, covering my ears at that part. Now I watch it and its funny as hell. Very poorly done special effect.

    (Dr. Jenning and Lydias dad charles from Beetlejuice is the same actor, so is Beverly and Lorraine from Back to the future, just in case its too confusing. LoL)

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