JunkCast Episode #52


JunkCast Episode #52

Film Reviewed:

Get Him To The Greek

00:00  – 03:25 – Intro / “Hardstyle Mix” by DJ SiN

03:36  – 06:38 – Why this episode is up so god damn late

06:39  -  13:20 – review Get Him To The Greek

13:21 – 15:37 – Music Break / “Christmas Song” by Adam Sandler

15:38 – 16:23 – Douche of the Week / Short and Sweet

16:24 – 18:40 – South Park  is genius

18:41 – 21:50 – Junk’s Would Be Wish List / What do you wanna see in Season 2?

21:51 – 25:04 – Trivia

25:05 – 29:09 – Goodbyes / “Won’t Be Home For Christmas” by Blink 182

The only good thing that could have been about this movie.

Yet another part that could have made this movie better.

Instead, we have this.




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  1. Jon

    Jon Here Reporting for Cock Slapping! I LIKED Get him to the Greek. Yes stupid as hell, but going into the movie expecting Caddyshack was your first mistake. I cant believe how mad this movie made you, I mean i could understand if it was Twilight but WOW. Anyway i also thought it was amusing that you finished a review of a movie condemned for being retarded with an Adam Sandler song; The king of the HORRIbly retarded movie (Billy Madison=Retarded Funny: Anything after Little Nicky=ANGER!!!!). Ok I lied Will Ferrel is the King of the Retarded Movie….(one hit wonder…anything after Anchor man sucked tranny dick for nickles). Sorry rambled a bit there….but I Laughed enough at get him to the greek.To each his own i guess.

  2. FatGuy

    you guys were way off on the round table review. The whisper the scientist gives to rick was the cliff hanger at the end. it wasn’t anti-climatic… it was subtle…but it was enough. I read those comics the second they come out… i know everything that happens… but i don’t know what gonna happen next. that subtle ending was a big tip of the hat to the folks that have already read the story and are happy that were are still on our toes. Great Job!… i give the season a 9 out of 10… it loses a point because of the homies with a heart of gold crap….btw… merle is gonna be the govener.

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