Literary Wasteland 10 – Unicorns And Claranets


This week on Literary Wasteland, One-Sheet brings back Goosebumps, talks about some crazies you see on the train, and admits to a guilty pleasure show he watches.


Flibity Squibity Sing Song Jibity



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Author Spotlight:

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  1. Toilet

    Hrmm… couldn’t find your e-mail on the site… so I’ll ask you a question here.

    Hey One-Sheet,

    I love your Goosebumps reviews… so I want to ask you this: If you could write a Goosebumps book, what would you want it to be about?

    Your only guideline is you can’t pull a Junk and put a ton of very graphic violence and sex in it, it has to be aimed at young readers.

    I’d like to hear your answer on a future episode of LW.



    • Challenge accepted Toilet!

      Great question, this will be super interesting, because I DO have ideas for stories like this in a notebook that I recently wrote down.

      Stay tuned for my answer/ideas on episode 11

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