Literary Wasteland 3 – Is This Podcast Made Of…Wood?


After working out the technical kinks, Literary Wasteland is back for episode 3!  This glorious cast will follow me as I read all the books on my bookshelf!  Episode 3 is being posted during the Chicago Snowpocalypse, so sit back and enjoy the snow day.


On The ‘Cast This Week:


Thoughts of his parent’ divorce fill Brian Robeson’s head as he flies in a single-engine plane to visit his father in the Canadian wilderness.  When the pilot suffers a massive heart attack and dies, Brian must somehow land the plane by himself and then, left with only the clothes he is wearing and a hatchet he received from his mother as a parting girft, Brian must put thoughts of his past behind him and try to figure out how he can stay alive…


Greg thinks there is something wrong with the old camera he and his friends found.  The photographs keep turning out wrong.  Very wrong.  Like the snapshot Greg took of his father’s new car that shows it totaled.  And then Greg’s father is in a nasty wreck.  Buy Greg’s friends don’t believe him.  Shari even makes Greg bring the camera to her birthday party and take her picture.  Only Shari’s not in the photograph when it develops.  Is Shari about to be taken out of the picture permanently?  Who is going to take the next fall for…the evil camera?

TV Episode Starring one Mr. Ryan Gosling:

YouTube Preview Image

YouTube Preview Image

Gorgeous art….HORRIBLE story…


Word of the week:


Author Spotlight:

Margaret Weis

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  1. Junk

    DUDE! Hell yeah! When I was a kid, Boba Fett was my favorite guy in the movies and my favorite toy. But now? C’mon!

    Great cast, brother. Another great cast. Makes me want to pick up the Dragonlance book I had started reading and never finished.

    The readings of the dinner dialogue was amazing. Andy and I burst out laughing when you were reading the dinner conversation and you threw in your comments. Loved it.

  2. Hahaha aw I feel bad that I’m like that loser from ourvalued customers. Bobba just seemed like the easiest choice since he’s one of the most minor/major characters in the film.

    Thanks for the compliment Junk, and TOTALLY get back in to Dragonlance, you will be gladly rewarded.

  3. Junk

    Something you brought up in the cast has been weighing on my mind all day. When we were kids we were ostracized for liking Star Wars. Or anime, or comics. Or anything we really liked. We were made fun of. However, I love that Star Wars is such a huge commodity now you’re actually made fun of if you haven’t seen it, or if you didn’t know Watchmen was a comic first, or what Studio Ghibli films you’ve seen.

    I love that the people who used to make fun of me for liking cartoons in Jr High and High School (because I was a HUGE dragonball Z nut back from 92-97) are the same people who watched the show religiously in the early 2000s…

    Ah well. Fuck em.

  4. Toilet

    Ahh Hatchet… I remember almost laughing out loud when the pilot was farting a lot in the plane while dying of a heart-attack when I read it as a kid!

    I never knew anyone who bought Dawn back in the day for the story.

    …and what was with the Full House’s Dave Coulier’s Mr. Woodchuck ref?

  5. Haha, yeah the Dawn stories…BLOW. But Dawn herself appeals to the comic crowd. Does Dawn even still sell?

    Haha, ok so here is the full story on the Full House picture. Doc Oz and Jess just bought their first house. They want me to come down and live in it with them and be the Uncle Joey. You know, the funny one that never gets laid and has a stuffed beaver (not that kind).

    But inception story goes deeper.

    The day that I posted this, the very episode this picture was taken from was on that morning.

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