Literary Wasteland – Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep



Andrew proves he is definitely not an “andy” in this weeks Wasteland.

If you liked the book, you’ll be happy to know it is now a major motion picture!  Check out the trailer to Blade Runner below:


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So what is a Blade Runner exactly?

I know, I know, they never really explain what a Blade Runner is exactly in the movie.  In the book they refer to him as just a bounty hunter?  So where the hell did Ridley Scott get this title for Rick?

The title comes from the book “The Bladerunner” by Alan Nourse.  Ridley Scott bought the rights to the title of the book, but not the book itself, nor the William S. Burroughs’ screenplay.

But again…what the hell is a blade runner?  Well, put simply, a blade runner is simply “a person who sells illeagle surgical instruments”.

A synopsis of “The Bladerunner”:

The novel’s protagonist is Billy Gimp, a man with a club foot who runs “blades” for Doc (Doctor John Long) as part of an illegal black market for medical services. The setting is a society where free, comprehensive medical treatment is available for anyone so long as they qualify for treatment under the Eugenics Laws. Preconditions for medical care include sterilization, and no legitimate medical care is available for anyone who does not qualify or does not wish to undergo the sterilization procedure (including children over the age of five). These conditions have created illegal medical services in which bladerunners supply black market medical supplies for underground practitioners, who generally go out at night to see patients and perform surgery. As an epidemic breaks out among the underclass, Billy must save the city from the plague hitting the rest of the city as well.

If you love the movie, then you need this umbrella (but you should already own it thanks to Junk’s post):

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