Literary Wasteland – Effing Finally Right?!


This week on the triumphant return of Literary Wasteland One-Sheet talks about his experience at Acen, reads you part of a Goosebumps book, and goes over the awesome question from Toilet last show.



The Week On The ‘Cast:

Do not read!

Definitely worth a shot, but be ready for looks if reading on public transit…

A special excerpt of this Goosebumps…for YOU!


Word Of The Week:


Other Things To Kill Time With:

YouTube Preview Image

This is the worst/best/worst thing ever…

Acen Compendium Post

Acen 2011 Trailer


A very special thanks to Toilet for the comment and question!  Sorry it took so long to get you an answer!


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  1. Toilet

    Good episode One-Sheet.

    My mind has been in the gutter as of late, so all I could think about while you were reviewing ‘The Haunted Mask’ was taking the premise of the book and making into an erotic novel… were the cliche slutty halloween costume some stuffy librarian woman dons for an evening lowers her IQ and raises her libido… threatening to turn her into a bimbo cum dumpster permanently!!


    Of your story choices… I’d have to say ‘The Treehouse’ perked my interest. Though the kid fighting monsters in the dark sounded great too. Looking forward to what you come up with.

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