Literary Wasteland Episode 2 – ‘Splosions


We made it to episode two of Literary Wasteland!  I know you’re just as excited as I am for this show.  This will be a weekly podcast that will help you follow me as I read every single book on my bookshelf.


On The ‘Cast This Week:

Snooki has become a New York Times Best Selling author because of her book A Shore Thing.

What I can only assume happens when you read Snooki’s book (you’re welcome John).


Misty Wilmot has had it. Once a promising young artist, she’s now stuck on an island ruined by tourism, drinking too much and working as a waitress in a hotel. Her husband, a contractor, is in a coma after a suicide attempt, but that doesn’t stop his clients from threatening Misty with lawsuits over a series of vile messages they’ve found on the walls of houses he remodeled.
Suddenly, though, Misty finds her artistic talent returning as she begins a period of compulsive painting. Inspired but confused by this burst of creativity, she soon finds herself a pawn in a larger conspiracy that threatens to cost hundreds of lives. What unfolds is a dark, hilarious story from America’s most inventive nihilist, and Palahniuk’s most impressive work to date.


Dr. Brewer is doing a little plant-testing in his basement.  Nothing to worry about.  Harmless, really.  But Margaret and Casey Brewer are worried about their father. Especially when they…meet…some of the plants he is growing down there.  They they notice that their father is developing plantlike tendencies.  In fact, he is becoming distinctly weedy-and seedy.  Is it just part of their father’s “harmless” experiment?  Or has the basement turned into another little shop of horrors?

TV Episode:

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When a savage creature known only as the Adversary conquered the fabled lands of legends and fairy tales, all of the infamous inhabitants of folklore were forced into exile. Disguised among the normal citizens of modern-day New York, these magical characters have created their own peaceful and secret society within an exclusive luxury apartment building called Fabletown. But when Snow White’s party-girl sister, Rose Red, is apparently murdered, it is up to Fabletown’s sheriff, a reformed and pardoned Big Bad Wolf, to determine if the killer is Bluebeard, Rose’s ex-lover and notorious wife killer, or Jack, her current live-in boyfriend and former beanstalk-climber.

Michael Bay Haiku:

Brightness fills my eyes,

It’s heat around me is joy,

I love explosions!


Word of the week:


Author Spotlight

George R. R. Martin

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