Literary Wasteland – Grimm Fairy Tales


One-Sheet has returned after “getting his reading groove back”!

If you remember in the last episode of Literary Wasteland I mentioned that the next book I was going to be reading was Working Stiff by Rachel Caine.

So I’m halfway through, and it got so bad that I just couldn’t bring myself to continue finishing.

Then C2E2 came and I suddenly found myself chock full of awesome trade paperbacks…so back on the reading train we are!

Also this week I read you several short stories from Fredrick Brown’s Nightmare’s and Geezenstacks.

See you next episode!!!


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  1. Doc Oz

    I love that you told a story about meeting a mortician running in the park without ever giving it a “well that’s kinda weird” vibe. Hahaha. Awesome!

  2. Junk

    What a great episode! It recapped so much and made me want so much more… specially of that horrendous Working Stiff book. I’m kidding, dude, burn that book with gasoline and fire. Fire that is hot so it burns fast. Agree with Doc as well, love it that the mortician bit was like – oh hey, how’s it going?

    Otherwise an outstanding episode! Loved it thoroughly. Just a thought, you’re very good with speaking to people, have you thought of using a voice recorder and doing audio interviews and then posting a podcast of the interviews with people at the cons? If you need, I will bring my handy dandy vox recorder to Acen on friday, works just like Tony the Tiger- GRerereeeeaaaaaaat! It would be cool to hear you talking with people at these cons. just a thought.

    Otherwise, triumphant return, good sir!

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