MRR #33 – Reader Beware What You Put On The Internet


This will ALL make sense soon…


Doc Oz and One-Sheet have a message this week for kids!

Stop being so damn lame!

Oh and we also talk about why our generation was the best, our many near death experiences, the best box forts we ever constructed, why you don’t go full on cry face, and Doc Oz shares a very special email he got this week from a very special reader…

Hosts: Doc Oz One-Sheet (@andrewmarcec)


C2E2 2011 – NApolean Dynamite

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TheFoodReviewer: “Fruit Gushers”

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(Spoiler) It’s a buy!


Goosebumps “Monster Blood”!

UPDATE: 4/7/2011 – This is kind of a spoiler alert for people just now reading this article for the first time. But it’s also been 6-ish months since this originally was written.

So anyways, I’m editing out Sarah’s last name, home town, and links to her Facebook page that I found using the info Scholastic Publishing printed in the back of “Monster Blood”. (That was really dumb to publish all of that info Scholastic. For real.)

She sent me a very nice email, and I say that sincerely, last night asking if I could do so. And since we never want anyone to feel uncomfortable or cause any embarrassment for someone in their real life, I happily agreed. But like I said in my email back to her, I hope she doesn’t feel like she needs to hide from her Goosebumps past! I for one hope she shares it! Because frankly, I would have LOVED to have been immortalized in one of my favorite books growing up! That would just be an awesome story to tell! Though I agree with her and I wouldn’t have liked my FULL name and hometown printed in thousands upon thousands of books. Again…seriously…That was REALLY dumb Scholastic. So where ever there was personal info listed in this article you’ll know find…(SCHOLASTIC INFO DELETED).

Anyways, thank you again Sarah for your email! We hope life has treated you as well as it looks! And if you ever have a change of heart and decide that you’d like to share this awesome story from your childhood with your friends and co-workers, just let me know. I’ll loan you my copy of “Monster Blood” :)

Now…on with the show!


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  1. Holy crap, it never dawned on me, we are like a clone of your show. A far less functioning, intelligent, and far less funny clone. A clone with perhaps serious traces of autism. And tenderness… CAN’T I GET A LITTLE TENDERNESS!?

  2. I think I just found Podocalypse’s new mascot :)


  3. YES! The hyperactive zombie baby! Good call Doc Oz

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