MRR #29 – Christmas Special!


Awesome Home Alone 2 screenshot courtesy of Mr. ResidentArgento


Ho ho ho! It’s a very special Christmas episode of My Remote Radio!

That’s right, after almost three months off One-Sheet and Doc Oz are back to talk about their favorite presents, the wonders of the Shake Weight, and of course…a little bit of Doctor Who sprinkled in for good measure.

So tune in! And remember to catch an all new season of MRR starting in February 2011!

Hosts: Doc Oz , One-Sheet (@andrewmarcec)


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Im going to need a SWAT team ready to mobilize a street of maps covering all of Florida, a pot of coffee, 12 jammie dodgers, and a fez.


Until next time, remember My Remote Radio is nothing without the comments from great readers and listeners like you!

So if you have something to add, or if you’d like to suggest something for us to talk about on a future episode, then please either use the comments of this episode’s show notes or leave us a message at  the brand new MRR voicemail by calling (469) 248-6977! For everything else just email us at

And last but not least…WE HOPE YOU HAD A MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!


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  1. Loved the podcast, guys. It was so amazing to hear you guys back on! Really looking forward to a good new year with my favorite podcast, MRR!!!

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