PODOCALYPSE Episode 16 – Ernest’s Sweet 16


Check out our show notes / trailer for this episode. And much like most trailers, expect it to have the best parts already in it.

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For Your Time Wasting Amusement

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Jessica of the Boats and the Hoes



John S


Down in Flames




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  1. k…so me saying Jim Varney to talk about was simply cause I had no clue hes been dead for like a decade, just like you Junk. All I remember is a made for tv special of Ernest showing off Splash Mountain at Disneyland before it opened ot the public. All little kid me could think was “Shut the hell up Ernest and lemme see this sweet ride”

  2. I’m right there with you Junk on the 120mhz hatred man! I’m so glad I’m not the only one!

  3. btw…I just emailed you your new password FatGuy :)

  4. @ Jessica, Loved the Jim Varney reference. perhaps he is still kicking it in a retirement home, after faking his own death, now spitting up on himself asking for VERNE.

    @ Doc Oz, I FUCKING HATE that 120 mhz bullshit. It makes everything look like crap. I know tons of people who say, “it looks more real.” That’s when I rip off their arms and beat them.

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