Podocalypse Episode 6


This Week On Podocalypse: Junk and Fat Guy Get It On For Valentine’s Day!

One Hour of Garbage Never Sounded So Good

The Great Exodus to Southern Illinois has begun… In Fat Lumber Jack Style

Great Town… Great People

YouTube Preview Image


Fat Guys East An Entire Horse Show!

YouTube Preview Image


This Will Be One of the Most Important Films You Will Ever Watch

YouTube Preview Image


It Appears that AMC Gives a Damn

2 Theater Chains May Distribute Films


This week’s Things We Don’t Like…

Mean People


For Your Time Wasting Amusement

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As an added bonus – Here is a full version of the new Podocalypse Theme Song for Download for Free.  This will only be up for the next week or so, so grab it now.


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  1. Junk cat is the new techno viking! its sad that it will get more hits then all the other videos we have done put together…

  2. How many pretty pleases do I need to type before you’ll make MRR an awesome intro song too! That kicks so much ass man!! Great work!

  3. When junk cat is behind on his rolls, he turns on the techno remix of hava nagila and starts to knead at incredible speed.

    PS your intro is amazing.

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