Check out the show notes, in VIDEO!  In COLOR!

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Your Homework of the Week

Start a slow motion gun fight with a stranger and have them fight you back.


For Your Time Wasting Amusement

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  1. Toilet

    Great show notes video!

  2. DownInFlames

    Holy shit! I saw the reaction video on Youtube and had to check out what yo uwere posting afterwards. You guys are fucking hilarious! New listener!

  3. FatGuy

    New Listener!… time to do the new listener dance!…. uh…goo…uh…guuun…uh…gee…uh… Achieve!

  4. I really hope FatGuy’s “new listener dance” is just a rip off of Carlton’s Dance from Fresh Prince.

    A man can dream…

    Anyways, welcome to MRR DownInFlames! We’re glad to meet ya.

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