Call of Cthulu RPG – Chapter 2 “The Abduction”


We had so much fun doing the last special MRR episode where we played “Beyond the Mountains of Madness” that we decided to spin it off into it’s own podcast! So welcome to the (R)eally (P)hucking (G)reat Podcast!

Chapter 2 continues with One-Sheet “aka Eric Zaan” digging deeper into the investigation of who killed the famed S.S. Arkham Captain, Commander Douglass. Was it fowl play, an accident, or is something even more sinister brewing as the second Miskatonic University expedition gets closer to departing for the Antarctic? Can he solve the case in time? Will this scrub the Starkweather-Moore  expedition all together? Find out by listening in and letting us know what you think in the comments below!

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