MRR #31 – Super Mistakes



MMRF. It’s My Remote Radio Friday!

You know what that means. It’s time to drink some beer (or in my case Chocolate Milk this week), and continue our week long C2E2 coverage!

Junk & One-Sheet had a great time at Chicago’s own C2E2, and now The ular Man is back to tell us of their adventures, share the secret of how to be the ladies man of Speed Dating, listen to One-Sheet and Junk’s favorite interview of the entire Con, and talk about the magic of editing with a big shout out to Junk for being awesome!

BTW, we want to send out a a very special welcome to all of our new listeners and readers from C2E2! Glad to have ya!

Hosts: Doc Oz One-Sheet (@andrewmarcec)


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C2E2 – Interview with Old Greg


That’s it for this week, but tune in next Friday for another brand new episode of My Remote Radio. And remember, the show is nothing without the comments from great readers and listeners like you! So if you have something to add, or if you’d like to suggest something for us to talk about on a future episode, then either use the comments of this episode’s show notes or just email us at!


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  1. FatGuy

    Another Great Show Gentlemen!… and congrats to One-Sheet on landing a “Slave Leia”… Jabba would be proud.

  2. Excellent show guys. You are just getting better and better. Congrats again to One-Sheet for the awesome round of Speed Dating. You were like Burt Reynolds, sans the amazing mustache.

    Excellent freaking show guys, Listened to it twice now.

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