The Case Of The Marble Shooter


Ok, so this is the first mystery we are here to solve from Encyclopedia Brown!

Listen to the story and in the comments section below try and solve the mystery.  I will read the answer next time we read a mystery and give major props to the person who gets it right.

Good luck!!!


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  1. Algernon is a liar, dude. Tigers are good guys, yeah they might seem like tough assholes on the outside, but on the inside they just want to be liked and respected. RE. SPECT. WALK!!!!

    Are you talking to me?

    Anyways, I’m guessing Al is the culprit. He lost the marbles Minnie and Moocher (who names their fucking marbles? I means trees are cool, but marbles?) and now he is trying to steal from dude and his gang. That’s not cool. Encyclopdia, which is a book or collection of books, needs to be put the back hand to Al… and GET HIS MAN!!!

  2. Think I have it solved…but you all will have to wait to hear what my theory is until the next episode.

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